What can we learn from the panic at the petrol pump

Petrol Station

The last week has been a good one for electric vehicle drivers compared to their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts. With queues forming at petrol stations as people panic to buy fuel for fear of supplies running out, EV drivers have been able to able to charge at home and have not only the luxury […]

5 takeaways from our experience in an autonomous vehicle

Autonomous Ford Mondeo

On Tuesday 17th August 2021, the Eloy team were fortunate enough to take part in one of Project Endeavor’s public trials of self-driving cars in Greenwich, London. The trials allowed autonomous vehicle software business Oxbotica to test out its self-serving cars on London streets with members of the public so they could learn more about […]

Leveraging new car sensors for legacy vehicles

Concealed Entrance

New road vehicles are fascinating. The headline-grabbing articles regarding electric vehicles and autonomous driving modes are great for those fortunate enough to be able to afford a new, high-end vehicle. For the rest of us, it’s similar to watching Bezos and Branson fly into space and debate the Kármán Line: whilst it’s a great technological […]

Connected vehicle data innovation

In Vehicle Sign

As we look to the future of driving, there are 3 main innovations pushing ahead. Most newspaper coverage and wider discussions are centred on just two – driverless cars, and electric vehicles – and I understand why. Both innovations will mean huge behavioural changes for most of us. Imagine no longer needing to use a […]

Managing electric vehicle charging with connected cars

Australian Road

One of the most convenient innovation pairings occurring at the moment is the speed at which electric vehicles are being legally enforced and the development of software that is creating acceleration in the production of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) If this pairing wasn’t happening, we might end up with connected cars that would soon […]

The limitations of fastest route navigation

Black Cab

Despite 12 months of Covid restrictions, we can look forward to the return of hustle and bustle in our cities in the near future. I’m sure most people have been in or seen images of London’s black cabs filling the streets and they will return. Whilst taking a traditional black cab in London is usually […]

The importance of human data for autonomous car evolution

Driverless Car

For those who work in the auto sector or auto insurance, the jargon in this blog should be relatively easy to follow. To help others, I’m going to start with a brief overview on autonomous cars. After that, I’m going to explore how different data types will transform how we make decisions on the road, […]

Insurance service platform – there is so much to offer

Woman On Phone After Car Accident

Those in need of a good dose of reality and humour should have a read of a recent Mark Ritson article in Marketing Week where he discusses brands and the Covid crisis. With all the talk of human behaviour bifurcation in 2020, we need to remember that through Covid-19 many of the success stories from […]

Sat nav speed test

We have been running a few tests of the Eloy app versus other apps as a benchmarking process and were pleasantly surprised by the time it took to set up a journey. The test was created like this:  I drove to a location in Buckinghamshire and then sequentially used 4 apps to plot a journey to […]

Smarter insurance

Loss Adjuster Inspecting A Car

Insurance is a very established industry, so claiming to be “smarter” is both naive and false. However, we believe the insurance as a service could be much smarter in equipping customers with tools that can reduce uncertainty and lower risk – key characteristics that insurance offers its customers. Insurance companies can provide their customers with […]

Driverless cars – the 5 levels of automation

If you asked 10 people to describe what a driverless car means to them you’d probably get 10 different answers. For some, it would mean a vehicle that they could get into and which would take them to wherever they wanted to go without them having to do anything. For others, perhaps cautious about the […]

Could autonomous vehicles eliminate the need for speed bumps?

Speed Bump Sign

Last year, a freedom of information request (FOI) by Citroën has revealed that there are now 42,000 speed on the UK’s roads. The request showed that London is the speed bump capital of Great Britain, with 8 of the top 10 councils in terms of bumps per mile. Speed bumps were introduced to the UK in 1983 […]