10 ways my car helped me survive Covid lockdowns

Cleaning The Car

With the gradual opening up of the UK economy after the third Covid lockdown, it is a good time to reflect on one of the things that helped me through the stay-at-home enforcement. Yes, you guessed right: my car. You may have seen stories in the press about people wanting to move out of London […]

Eloy now available with apple CarPlay integration

Apple CarPlay

The Eloy team is very pleased to announce that we have updated the iOS App with the new Apple CarPlay entitlement. Cars with Apple CarPlay infotainment systems will see the Eloy CarPlay icon and functionality when they plug their phone into the car. Eloy available on Apple CarPlay Eloy’s CarPlay interaction is within the Drive […]

Getting ready for Apple CarPlay integration

Motorway Sign

It’s hardly a well-kept secret that the team at Eloy have set our sights on pushing mobile phone technology as far as possible. We’ve been pretty successful maximising voice interactions and are now turning our thoughts to deeper machine learning capabilities. This meant we had to make some strategic decisions about how we built the […]

Start up home schooling


The UK’s third Covid-19 lockdown has brought about yet more challenges for me as a parent, business owner, and ad-hoc replacement teacher. Due to the additional case count and virality of this new virus strain, schools have been closed for the majority of children, with parents taking up the enforcer role of getting their children […]

Why I learnt to code (and why you should too)

Woman Coding

Before Covid forced it to close its doors for good, TechHub was the home of the Eloy Team. For those that don’t know TechHub, it was a coworking space located near London’s ‘Silicone Roundabout’ that provided a fantastic environment and gave us the opportunity to meet founders of other startups, seek advice from people who’d […]

Our 2021 resolution – giving everyone an extra day

Snail Racing

Happy New Year! I think we’re all glad to see the back of 2020, and although Covid-19 is still with us, we hope a lot will change for the better this year with the vaccination rollouts in progress. In a strange way many of us will feel as though we lost an entire a year, […]

Driving home for Christmas – a look back on an unprecedented year

Car Christmas Decoration

Ho ho ho, it’s that time of year again. Zoom cocktail parties are in full swing, we’ve kissed goodbye to mistletoe, and Santa Claus is figuring out how he’s going to deliver all those presents while following the rule of six. Eloy want for Christmas … This is the second Christmas the Eloy team has […]

Meet the founder – Damian Horton

In the first part of a series of interviews with the Eloy team, today we’re chatting with Damian Horton, Eloy’s Co-Founder. Hi Damian! Can you tell what your role is at Eloy? As a co-founder I need to juggle several roles, including product management, finance, analytics and general start-up management. In the last 2 weeks, […]

Our first demo video – taking Eloy for a test drive

Lockdown in the UK delayed this video from release but it is now great to start sharing Eloy’s product videos with you! For the first release of Eloy we wanted to test a number of core functions. This included our mapping APIs, GPS locations, voice activation and voice recording (with Siri and Siri Shortcuts), database […]

Meet the founder – Marcus Robbins

Marcus Robbins

In the second of our series of interviews with the Eloy team, today we’re chatting with Marcus Robbins, Eloy’s CTO. Hi Marcus! Can you tell us about your role at Eloy? I’m responsible for all of Eloy’s technology and, as our products are software based, the underlying products. I have been spending a great deal […]