Smarter insurance

Insurance is a very established industry, so claiming to be “smarter” is both naive and false. However, we believe the insurance as a service could be much smarter in equipping customers with tools that can reduce uncertainty and lower risk – key characteristics that insurance offers its customers. Insurance companies can provide their customers with greater levels of assurance.
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Eloy is not an insurer but we create insurance-like advantages with technology. This isn’t about customer analysis either – Eloy is neither a telematics solution nor a customer assessment tool. Eloy does not impact insurance premiums. We think we can be smarter in other ways:

  • Reducing accident claims costs by collecting better at accident data via our accident management tool
  • Reducing phone-related accidents by having all potential phone functions voice controllable: eyes on the road and hands on the wheel
  • Reducing the time for drivers to receive cash for their claims
  • Getting recovery or replacement vehicles to drivers as soon as possible (such as GPS enabled “get me now” buttons) and showing where the vehicles are inside the Eloy app
  • Understanding how we can create near-miss road data (reported minor incidents) and build local traffic management tools
  • Reducing accident claims costs and faster claims payments

Eloy’s accident management tool, which we internally call our Big Red Button, is a simple yet powerful way to reduce claims costs: a walkthrough guide for drivers to use when they are uncertain, frightened or nervous.

For insurers you can tell the driver what data is vitally important to collect at the accident scene, and if collected, promise a faster payout or quicker delivery of a replacement vehicle. Number plate photos, damaged car images, road scene images and other driver’s photos (showing who was actually at the scene) along with GPS tags and witness statements that can immediately be shared with the insurer will add enormous value to both the insured and insurer.

People will claim that drivers won’t have an app just for this but insurers promising faster claims processes and quicker replacement cars will naturally increase app downloads and use. Value needs to be shared with the customer – collect & share the accident data saves the insurer money and some of this can be shared back with the customer.
Woman Using Her Mobile While Driving

Using your phone to take a call when driving is illegal but are you aware of the law regarding touching your device

Reducing phone-related car accidents

Up to 25% of road accidents are due to phone use whilst at the wheel. Touching your phone screen is illegal but often we revert to the “it’s OK if the phone is mounted”. Taking your eyes off the road to look at a phone screen and click options is simply not wise and will increase risk.

To combat this, we need to increase actions that can be easily voice controlled. Apple and Google have made a great start to this with CarPlay + Siri and Android Auto + OK Google. We can now build many more useful functions on top of this and Eloy has a set of these already available. 

Near-miss and local traffic management 

In industrial risk management, near-miss data is very powerful at predicting major accidents.

This is why businesses ask for even the most minor accidents at work to be reported. Lots of small data points are more useful than infrequent data points. 

In Eloy, drivers can quickly create near-miss data with our “Report Incident” voice commands and can subsequently submit these for public viewing. Collecting high quality information coupled with data and trend analysis will help create new road risk assessments. 

We can also create localised traffic management tools which local councils or event coordinators can use. Sending updated routes and diversion to drivers via our Driver’s Log or by our upcoming Smarter Maps can help coordinate drivers. Managing overflow carparks near large public events is possible. This will lower driver stress but also address one interesting fact: two-thirds of drivers have had damage to their cars in car parks.

Better Driving Experience

Eloy is building a better driving experience and smarter insurance services are key to this. To find out more about Eloy, we have a set of use case videos that you can also find on the website and please download the app.

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