Eloy now available with apple CarPlay integration

The Eloy team is very pleased to announce that we have updated the iOS App with the new Apple CarPlay entitlement.

Cars with Apple CarPlay infotainment systems will see the Eloy CarPlay icon and functionality when they plug their phone into the car.

Apple CarPlay

Eloy available on Apple CarPlay

Eloy’s CarPlay interaction is within the Drive section of the app, sharing a map with navigation options (search and favourites) along with integration into the car’s sound system. This allows drivers to use the Eloy voice commands so they don’t have to touch the infotainment screen for driving to favourite locations, setting navigation to collect passenger pick-up requests, sharing messages, adding road incident reports and declaring which passengers are in the car.

More features will be added soon, with testing started on EV charging navigation and dynamic parking solutions.

Messages from the team

Damian Horton: I’m super impressed with Marcus and Anna on their hard work to get this new capability added to Eloy.

Anna Corp: Eloy’s mantra has been to create ways to reduce driver risk on the road. With this integration, we can help drivers keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

Marcus Robbins: This has to be one of the more interesting software development experiences. I now have a large Sony infotainment system hooked up to my home office and too many videos made by Damian driving around finding bugs in the app.

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