Use cases for digital road signs

Confusing Road Signs

We’re getting excited about the development and adoption of in-vehicle signage (IVS) for drivers. Eloy has one of the first end-to-end working models for delivering road management alerts to drivers via vehicle infotainment systems both visually and, importantly, via audio. On the back of this, we have spent time discussing the suitability of these solutions […]

Parents as taxis – improving the service

Family In A Car

Last year a survey by Skoda found that 66% of parents said they sometimes feel like a taxi service for their children spending about 3 hours a week ferrying them about. The parents surveyed said they are driving over 1,600 miles a year transporting their children which would be the equivalent of £12,565 if based […]

Autumn 2020 Eloy app update

It’s been an exciting 3 months for Eloy. Since our Big Red Button update in August we have worked hard to transform how people might think about a car and insurance app. Between Lockdown 1 and Lockdown 2 we had a brief time to run live experiments with the app and push forward some new […]

Eloy’s accident manager – FNOL in under 3 minutes

There is a lot of buzz around the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to rapidly identify damage to cars in order to help insurers process claims. Applications include image recognition technology and onboard-sensors that can detect if a car has been in an accident. These innovations can add value, but they also bring […]

Making an app voice first

The world has a number of emerging voice interfaces and assistants – including Siri, OK Google and Alexa. Dozens of smaller companies also provide technology and the use cases for voice-first apps are increasing. Smart homes and smart cars (CAVs) are 2 large domains where adding in new services via voice are emerging. In-car voice […]

The release of our Big Red Button – insurance claims assistance

Exciting times are here at Eloy as we release another app update. We have a long list of features and updates in our product roadmap and some useful additions are in this release. You can download the latest version of the app from the App Store. Accident manager  Or as we like to call it […]

How we designed Eloy to help you manage your trips

Family Driving

Eloy is a smartphone app that gives drivers the tools to improve their driving experience. We want to help drivers understand how and when they use their car and improve the activities around this. Apps can help make managing road trips easier.  To assist this and building our voice controlled decision engine (the “Eloy Engine”) […]