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A smart solution for multi-modal traffic management and car parks

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With more people choosing multi-modal methods of transport, managing traffic around transport hubs, both large and small is become increasingly important.

To encourage active travel and the uptake of public transport, ensuring smooth transitions between the different modes of transport is essential. For drivers wanting to use their vehicle for only part of a journey, knowing that they will not miss connections or being able to minimize their transfer distance can be solved with multi-vehicle coordination.

Our digital solution for managing traffic as it approaches transport hubs, coupled with our patent-pending car parking technology, can not only reduce congestion and the impact on the local and wider road network but also make alternative forms of transport more attractive.

Our solution

Integrating historical traffic data with our proprietary technology will allow you to get an overview of traffic flow in and around transport hubs, identifying pain points, and congestion hot spots.

Our AI-powered algorithm will plan custom routes for different modes of transport, with the option to prioritize vulnerable road users. By importing 3rd party real-time passenger information, bespoke and dynamic routes will ensure users do not miss connections, or hang around for cancelled departures.

Maximise throughput in and around car parks for a truly end-to-end solution, that will not only reduce congestion and improve safety but also offers the opportunity to maximize operational efficiency and increase revenues.

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