Fixed venue management

Optimized managemnt of traffic flow at and around venues and car parks


A successful event or day out will leave a lasting impression on your customers from creating unforgettable memories to building meaningful connections.

However, the experience of attending a venue can be a frustrating one if visitors get stuck in traffic before arrival or when leaving. The resulting congestion can also have an impact on both the local and wider road network, businesses, and residents.

Our innovative digital solution for fixed venues can greatly improve the experience of attendees, increasing the likelihood of repeat visitors, and minimize disruption for the surrounding community.

Our solution

The first step towards improving traffic flow around venues involves gaining an understanding of historical events and operational characteristics. Aggregating 3rd party data with our own as well as information about any planned disruptions nearby, allows event traffic managers to plan and model digital interventions to assist directing traffic to and from events.

Customised routes coupled with dynamic prescriptive interventions delivered directly in-vehicle help manage traffic flow, while smart navigation to allocated car parks and parking spaces minimises congestion around the venue itself.

Bespoke digital content can also be broadcast to drivers and passengers, enabling you to manage and enhance the experience of attendees upon approach, and giving you an opportunity for additional revenue generation.

Post-event analysis and support allows you to capture a full picture of traffic flow, troubleshoot critical road network problems, and optimise for future events.

Who for

Sports stadiums

Concert arenas

Theme parks

Conference centres


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