Construction and works

Digital management of construction and works traffic to improve efficiency and safety


Managing traffic around construction sites and street works brings its own set of challenges from the movement of vehicles, attachments, and machinery to keeping operatives and members of the public safe.

Similar problems can arise around other works and with the often required temporary and partial road closures, the resulting traffic congestion can have an impact on the local and wider community. For emergency works, acting fast to divert traffic away from the affected area is critical.

Our digital solution works seamlessly with existing physical infrastructure and can also be delivered directly in-vehicle to help reduce costs.

Our solution

Plan, manage, and track all your works traffic in real-time via our platform or 3rd party integration to improve efficiency and safety.

With bespoke routing delivered in-vehicle, you can be certain that the right vehicles will arrive to the right area of your site at the right time. Dynamic diversions mean you can react quickly to any hazards or roadblocks, seamlessly re-routing vehicles on approach.

Smart digital signals help manage traffic on the local road network ensuring congestion and disruption are kept to a minimum, while immediate deployment means you can respond to emergency incidents faster.

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Construction sites

Street works

Road works

Diversionary works

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