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Connected vehicle survey

We would like your feedback on how we can help you reduce your R&D complexity, cost, and timeframes by building digital tools to help deploy, test, and review solutions for in-vehicle trials.


Eloy is a connected vehicle mobile app with supporting software, that aims to improve in-vehicle decision making for drivers and occupants.

However, we cannot do this alone and we believe it is through collaboration that the best connected services will be delivered faster and to more people. We ran numerous trials in 2021 and this has motivated Eloy to think much more broadly about how we can improve the way connected vehicle solutions progress through the research and development phases.

One of the ways we want to do this is to build a connected vehicle platform that allows organizations to design and test their solutions faster and more cost effectively using our mobile app and technology.

Examples of our work

RAC Veteran Car Run

App In A Veteran Car

Three veteran cars built at the turn of the 20th century have travelled from London to Brighton while using the latest in connected technology in what is believed to be the world’s first connected veteran car event.

The 1903 Daimler, 1901 Mors and 1900 Daimler were among the 350 cars which marked the 125th anniversary of the first Emancipation Run, by travelling the 60 miles from Hyde Park in London to Brighton’s seafront on Sunday 7 November.

In-Vehicle Signage Trials

In Vehicle Sign

A new system that replicates the information shown on electronic road-side signs direct to drivers inside their vehicles is being trialled in the UK after being developed by innovator group Eloy.

The system, which delivers the information onto dashboard screens or mobile devices next to drivers follows a collaboration between Eloy, Andy Graham, from White Willow Consulting, and George Brown from KL Systems. It also allows virtual signs that mirror the format of the roadside displays to be broadcast anywhere.

How Eloy works

We have 3 core components that make up our connected vehicle platform:

  • The app that works as an onboard unit (OBU), either as a standalone mobile or integrated into the car infotainment system via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 
  • The back-end, which includes our database and intelligent platform to select how and when features and options are presented in the app.
  • The data, which is accessed via subscription to our APIs. This allows us to share data with other organizations and can include information collected via the app.


On top of this we have built a set of tools that can be used together or separately to create connected vehicle services.

Tool Example use
Online maps and data entry Plot a fixed route to help with information and redirection around traffic incidents
API subscription Track vehicles and events that occur within the app
Sat nav override Build a bespoke route for a driving tour, communicate with holidaymakers, and share localized information
Information to the vehicle Display information about EV charging points based on geolocation
Information from the vehicle Allow drivers to share information, such as road conditions, hazards, and incidents on the road

Connected vehicle services survey

This survey is funded by the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund.

To help us understand how we can help you develop connected vehicle services, please fill in the short questionnaire below. 

Please submit your answers by the 28th January 2022. 

If you would like to receive the results, please enter your email address at the end of the survey. 

All answers will be anonymised. 

Q1. Where do you work?(Required)

Q2. Below are some connected services that we could implement and test on the Eloy platform. Please rank them in order of importance to you. (Required)

Drag and drop the options to rank them
  • GLOSA - Display traffic signal information, time remaining on the traffic signal cycle, and the best speed to drive as you approach a traffic signal.
  • GLIDE - Similar to GLOSA, but a general speed recommendation for drivers to “help them glide”, and reduce the need to brake when traffic has slowed ahead of them
  • Smart Parking - Improve information on parking availability for drivers, and help reduce time spent queuing and looking for car parking spaces, particularly around heavily trafficked events
  • Passing Point - V2V communication on narrow roads or at concealed entrances so vehicles can send alerts and/or requests to other vehicles.
  • Foreign Languages - In-vehicle messages in multiple languages tailored to individual drivers
  • Motorway Mode - Redesign of the sat nav display for motorway driving. With less need for turn-by-turn navigation display additional information such as lane speeds, lane closures, service station information, and distance to next safety zone
  • Pothole Tracker - Ability for drivers to send reports about potholes and other road surface hazards
  • Dynamic Diversions - Override satnav with fixed routes, for example to reroute traffic away from heavy congestion
  • Connected Cycling - Adapt some of the tools and services available on the Eloy platform for cyclists
  • EV Charging - Maximize the efficiency of EV charging availability on the road network

Q4. Please indicate whether the challenges below prevent you from bringing new products to market.

Mostly disagreeSomewhat disagreeNo opinionSomewhat agreeMostly agree
Mostly disagreeSomewhat disagreeNo opinionSomewhat agreeMostly agree
Mostly disagreeSomewhat disagreeNo opinionSomewhat agreeMostly agree
Mostly disagreeSomewhat disagreeNo opinionSomewhat agreeMostly agree
Mostly disagreeSomewhat disagreeNo opinionSomewhat agreeMostly agree
Mostly disagreeSomewhat disagreeNo opinionSomewhat agreeMostly agree
Mostly disagreeSomewhat disagreeNo opinionSomewhat agreeMostly agree
Mostly disagreeSomewhat disagreeNo opinionSomewhat agreeMostly agree
Q6. For every £100 spent on connected car services, how would you allocate the money? (Required)

Improve road safety

Reduce emissions

Improve electric vehicle charging

Improve road surface quality

Reduce traffic congestion

Reduce the number of cars on the road

Improve parking experience

Please make sure the total adds up to £100.00

Q7. We would like to get an understanding of your current expectations around the costs for pilot projects. Please indicate in GBP how much you expect a project to cost.

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