We're Eloy

We’re a connected car software business, building mobile apps to help people have a better, safer, and more enjoyable experience on the road. 

Scroll down to see our vision of how we can make our roads and streets better for all of us over the next 50 years.

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or cat's eyes to show us the way - invented in 1934

as we look ahead to the next 50 years what will our roads look like?

and what new technology will be used to give drivers a better experience?


Some of it is already here, like electric vehicles and charging stations

And some of it is a long way off, like fully autonomous vehicles


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And all this technology is important - but we believe it needs to be tested with those who matter the most; those of use who use the roads.

So what would we do with the grant?


Qualitative and quantitative research to find out what road users want


Field testing with our app to find out how we can influence drivers’ behaviour


A publicly available report to help road technologists build better products

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