Cooperation through coordination

Connected technology to improve how vehicles move across the road network

Multi-vehicle coordination
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What is multi-vehicle coordination?

Multi-vehicle coordination is the live management of the movement of vehicles across the  road network with the aim of reducing congestion, improving safety, making driving more pleasurable, and our roads more efficient.

Although fully autonomous vehicles are years away, existing technology has the ability to connect drivers and their vehicles, as well as vulnerable road users, and make interventions to encourage and prescribe cooperative behaviour.

Multi-vehicle coordination has the potential to transform our roads, towns, and cities, and improve the quality of life for all. 

Eloy partnered with Zenic and UK CAM Testbeds to measure the impact of multi-vehicle coordination on traffic flow.

In a controlled environment, with our technology making interventions to drivers, we were able to increase traffic flow by 17%. We also reduced the likelihood of traffic jams forming and minimized the risk of head-on collisions.

For high density traffic destinations, multi-vehicle coordination can benefit the local and wider road network, elevate visitors’ experience, improve productivity, and reduce costs.

SAE J3216

SAE J3216 is the standard explantion of what cooperative driving (MVC) can achieve on our road network.

Prescriptive driving is the top level of cooperative and Eloy is one of the first companies gloablly to achieve this.

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