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Get under the hood of our app and take a closer look at its features and how they work

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Signing in

To use Eloy you will need to sign in and create an account. We have made this really easy to do by offering you the option of 3 social logins. 

Sign in with Apple

Sign in with Apple requires an Apple ID and is the most convenient option for iPhone users. 

When you Sign in with Apple, Apple will know that you’ve enabled the feature, but it does not track what apps or websites you sign in to or when. 

Sign in with Google

Sign in with Google requires a Google Account. 

When you Sign in with Google, Google shares your name, email address, and profile picture from your Google Account. We do not request any other information from Google. 

Google Logo

Facebook Login

Facebook Login requires a Facebook account. 

We only use Facebook Login for authentication purposes and do not access any of your Facebook data.

Email and password accounts

We currently do not allow users to sign-up via email and password. We believe that offering social logins is convenient for users and the best way to ensure your personal information and data is kept secure.


When you sign in to the app for the first time you will be asked to provide a display name and add your car details. If you want to add more than one car to the app you can do this later. 

If you were invited to use the app then you are already part of a car group. You can either add an additional car during onboarding or skip this step altogether. 

Welcome to Eloy!

Display name

This shows up across the app

Car details

Make, colour, and fuel type


During onboarding we ask you for permission to access some features on your phone including your location, camera, and photos, and to send you notifications. 

We need these for the app to function properly and you can turn them on and off in your phone settings which you can access via Account > Settings > Manager Phone Settings.

Car registration lookup

You will notice that we have a car registration search feature inside the app. This is a tool – an API – provided by the UK’s DVLA.

The API only provides information about your car that is publicly available and someone would be able to know if, for example, they saw the car parked on the road. 

We use this information to help us identify your car and to ensure the correct car is on record for some features inside the app, including the accident manager and accident report generator.

Orange Audi
Registration Look Up Screen

Navigating the app

From the home screen you can access the main areas of the app –  Account, Car, Drive, Park, Drivers Log, and Insure. You can also jump to the main sections quickly from the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. 

Signing out

You can sign out of the app via Settings which you can find in your Account.


In your Account you can manage information about you and your cars, as well as set up and manage various features of the app. 

Profile Screen

My profile

This is where your personal information – your name, email address, phone number, and home address – is stored. 

Adding these details to your profile means that we can quickly include the information in any accident reports you need to complete, and it means we can send you things if you opt in to receive communications from us about new products and services.

You can also add a profile picture if you wish, which will be displayed across the app.   

Profile Screen

Your personal details are kept safe in the app and we do not share them with anyone. 

My cars

You can access the cars you have saved in the app from your account. You can find out more about managing your cars below. 

My favourite locations

You can save an unlimited number of locations in the app. 

To add a favourite location tap on My favourite locations on your profile screen, and then Add new location on the next screen. 

Use the search function on the map to find your location and tap Next

You can then add a name, and pick a colour and a symbol for your location before saving. 

On the next screen you will have the option to add the location to a car. This means you can share the location with all the other users in the car group. 

Favourite Locations
Favourite Locations Search
Favourite Locations
Favourite Locations

If you want to delete a location go to your list of favourite locations and tap the edit button – the little pencil at the top of the screen. This will permanently delete the location not only from your profile, but also all cars that share that location. 

You can also change the order in which your favourite locations are displayed. Tap the pencil icon and drag and drop the locations to move them up and down. 

If you want to remove a location from a car only, select the location and scroll to the list of cars at the bottom of the screen. Swipe left on a car to remove the location from that car only. 

You can also remove the location from a car by going to the car detail screen – more details below. 

You will find your favourite locations at the bottom of the Drive screen so you can quickly navigate to them. 

My Siri Shortcuts.

You can manage your Siri Shortcuts from your profile. 

These are an integral part of the app, to ensure it’s truly hands-free when driving, and you can find more details on how to use them below. 


From your profile you can manage your phone settings, find our terms of use and privacy policy, and sign out of the app. 


In the Car section of the app you can manage the information that relates to your cars. 

You can access Car via your profile or from the home screen.

When you first use the app it will only show the car you set up during the onboarding process, or if you were invited to use the app, the car of the user who invited you.

Car Profile Screen

Manage car profile

In your car profile you can edit the details of your car including the display name, registration number, make, fuel type, and colour. 

You can also add an image which will be displayed throughout the app. 

Manage users

By default users are not in a car. You can move them manually by dragging and dropping, or you can use Siri Shortcuts – more details below. 

Inviting people to a car

Select the car you want to add a user to and tap Manage users. You can use the orange invite button to send a link to someone you want to add to your car. 

If they haven’t already done so they will need to download the Eloy app from the App Store and create an account. 

Manage locations

To manage the favourite locations associated with a car tap Manage Locations.

You can swipe left or tap the pencil button to remove them from the car. If you want to delete them completely you need to do this from your main Account. 

My cars

To view all the car groups you are a member of tap My Cars. Here you can add new cars and remove yourself from a car. 

Adding a new car

To add a new car tap the plus button and fill in the registration number. We will search for the car details from the DVLA. 

If we can’t find your car, for example if it is a brand new car, then you have the option to fill in the details manually. 

You can then give your car a display name and add a photo. 

Removing yourself from a car

To remove yourself from a car group tap on My cars and swipe left to delete the car from the list.

If there are other users attached to the car the car will remain in the app unless you were the last person associated with it. You also need to have at least one car in your account – otherwise why would you use Eloy?!


In Drive you can navigate to any location with turn-by-turn directions. The starting point for all journeys that you begin via the app are recorded in the Driver’s Log. 

Selecting a car

You can select which car you’re driving from the drop down menu at the top of the screen.


To launch turn-by-turn navigation you can either use the search bar or you can tap on one of your saved favourite locations. 

You can also launch navigation from the Driver’s Log or via Siri Shortcuts. 

Navigation Screen


Parking the car via the app drops a pin on the map at the parked location and means you or someone else can easily find where you have left the car. 

Selecting a car

You can select which car you want to park from the drop down menu at the top of the screen.

Parking the car

To mark the location of a parked car move the crosshairs to the desired location, and tap Park

You can also park the car using a Siri Shortcut. See below for more details. 

Locating a parked car

Once a car has been parked an entry will be created in the Driver’s Log. 

You can navigate to the parked location from the Driver’s Log, or you can go back to Park to see where the car is parked. 

Park Screen
Park Log Screen
Park Navigation Screen

Driver's Log

The Drivers’s Log displays both car and user events including:


Pickup requests


Accident reports

Drive starting points

Parked car locations

Passengers getting in and out of the car

You can search the Driver’s Log using the search bar or use the filters at the top to see all events within a category. 

Log entry details

Tapping on a log entry allows you to see more details about that event. This includes a map showing the location where the event took place as well as any additional messaging or pictures. 

Navigating to log entries

Tap the Get directions button underneath the map in the log entry details screen to launch navigation within Drive to easily get directions to the event’s location. 

Adding new log entries

You can manually create new log entries for Messages, Pickup requests and Incident reports in the Driver’s Log.

Tap Add new entry and on the next screen enter a subject line choose the type of event, and add your message.

You can also add photos from your camera or photo library and move the crosshairs on the map to change the location of the log entry.

Tap Post when you’re done, and the new entry will be visible in the Driver’s Log. 

Log filters

The colourful carousel of filters at the top of the Driver’s Log allow you to filter by event type. 

Tap to turn the filter on. Tap again to turn the filter off. You can also reset the filters to view all entries by tapping the first All button. 

Log search

You can also search the Driver’s Log using the search bar. This is useful if you want to find all entries associated with a single user or location, for example. 


Siri Shortcuts are an integral part of the app and we have included them so that you can use Eloy without needing to touch your phone. This means you can comply with the law around mobile devices when you are in your car. 

Siri Shortcuts

Siri Shortcuts can be found under  Account > My Siri Shortcuts. 

You will see a number of shortcuts already set up in the app. You can add these to Siri and change the default custom phrases to something more memorable if you wish. .

If you want to delete a Siri Shortcut from your phone you will need to do this via the Shortcuts app. 

Siri Shortcuts
Siri Screen

Siri - park the car

Siri will park your car at your current location, by adding a marker on a map. If you have more than one car Siri will ask you to confirm which car you’d like to park. You can view where cars are parked and navigate to their location from the Driver’s Log. 

Siri - report incident

You can dictate an incident description to Siri and this will be saved in the Driver’s Log, where you can view the details and get directions to the incident location. 

Siri - add message

You can send messages via Siri that can be viewed in the Driver’s Log.

Siri - add driver

You can manage who is driving the car via Siri. If you have more than one car and/or user attached to a car Siri will ask you to select which user to wish to add to which car. Details will be saved in the Driver’s Log and from here you can navigate to the location where the driver was added. 

Siri - remove passenger

You can remove passengers as they leave the car via Siri. If you have more than one car and/or user attached to a car Siri will ask you to select which user you wish to remove as a passenger. Details will be saved in the Driver’s Log. 

Siri - add passenger

You can also add passengers to the car via Siri. Details will be saved in the Driver’s Log.

Siri - collect passenger

If you want to collect a passenger you can use Siri to get directions without having to touch your phone, as long as your phone is unlocked. Siri will ask you which passenger you want to pick up and which car you want to drive and then open navigation for you with directions to the pickup location. 

Siri - drive to favourite location

If you have saved some favourite locations in the app you can ask Siri to open navigation so you can get directions to them. Again your phone must be unlocked to do this without needing to touch your phone. 

Park Icon
Hazard Icon
Message Icon
Drive Icon
Passenger Icon
Pickup Icon


Accident manager guides you through what to do if you have just had a car accident. Always make sure you are safe before using this. 

You will be able to confirm your car details, take photos and statements from the car scene and of the cars. This will then be saved within your account and can be shared with other car users. You can also generate an accident report to send to your insurer.

Many insurers will have their own claims systems. The accident manager is most useful as your own record and to help confirm which driver was to blame for the accident.

Manage insurance & new insurance

This a feature of the app we are currently working on. 

If you want to be the first to know when this is available click on either of the buttons and pop your details in the form. 

Accident manger - big red button

If you have been in an accident our tap the Big Red Button in Insurance and Eloy will guide you through gathering all the information you need to help you make a claim. 

Only use this feature if it is safe to do so, and you are confident you and your passengers are not in any danger.  

Car Crash
Big Red Button Screen

Creating accident reports

The information you can collect in the app includes photographs of the scene, a description of what happened, witness details and statements, and other notes.

Sending accident reports

Once you have completed your accident report it will be saved as a PDF and you can send it via email or as a message to yourself or anybody else by tapping the orange Send me a copy button.

Editing accident reports

You can access your saved accident reports from the Driver’s Log. 

If you need to edit your report tap Open accident report and you will be taken to the summary screen of the report where you have the option to edit different parts of the report by tapping the pencil button. 

Once you have made your changes save the report and a new, updated entry will be created in the Driver’s Log. A record of all your edits will be saved if you need to go back and check any details. 

If you want to send the report a second time then you will need to  open the accident report, tap Save, and then Send me a copy again

Are You Safe Screen
Accident Report
Report Incident Screen

Found a bug?

If something doesn’t work as expected or   send us a message and we’ll get our developers on it right away.