In-Vehicle Messaging

Helping road traffic managers get closer to drivers via virtual road signs displayed in their vehicles


In-vehicle messaging uses an in-vehicle display to show information to the driver, either via a satnav or mobile phone app. The type of information shown in in-vehicle messages can include speed limits, dynamic route guidance, and warnings about hazards, such as roadworks, stopped vehicles, heavy traffic, lane closures, obstacles in the road, or bad weather conditions.

In the short term, in-vehicle messaging has the potential for economic benefits from improved safety and reduced delays and emissions. In time, if all information can be provided in-vehicle, roadside signs may no longer be required leading to further savings.

SatNav With Virtual Sign


To help trial the effectiveness of in-vehicle messaging, Eloy developed a bespoke solution to show Highways England variable messaging (VMS) to drivers via the car infotainment system.

As well as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration, the VMS can also be displayed on a mobile phone via the Eloy app, to enable drivers of vehicles without infotainment systems to receive in-vehicle messages.

To trigger an in-vehicle sign, a vehicle’s location and direction of travel is detected from the driver’s mobile phone GPS when navigation is running. The sign is displayed in both visual and audio formats which significantly increases the effectiveness of the warnings.

Eloy’s system is enabled to pull in 3rd party data from a variety of sources and also allows users to create new VMS using a point and click web-based interface. This means road traffic managers can react quickly to new events, and virtual signs that mirror the format of roadside displays can be shown anywhere.

In-vehicle messages can be tailored to individual drivers, so they can receive messages based on vehicle type, destination, or language.


Integration with 3rd party data feeds

Simple GUI for managing new in-vehicle messaging

Bespoke in-vehicle messages dependent on vehicle type

Multi-language support

Proprietary testing platform

In Vehicle Sign


“Integration with Eloy’s CarPlay app is a significant step forward for the use of in-vehicle signage. The capability to bring live warnings from road authorities about road network hazards, such as stranded vehicles and queueing traffic, seamlessly into ordinary navigation services delivered into car infotainment systems offers real potential to improve road safety.”

George Brown - KL Systems

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